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Apparel Machinery and Supply Company , established in 1975, is uniquely qualified to assist you in every phase of pressing, finishing, and fusing of your garments. We represent exclusively in North, Central and South America the internationally known quality equipment lines of

  • Hoffman pressing equipment
  • Naomoto irons, self contained vacuum tables and other specialized finishing equipment
  • Reliant fusing and laminating machines
  • Koenig irons, mini boilers and automatic garment finishers

We carry a complete inventory of spare parts, pressing supplies, PTFE belts and accessories to support these lines of equipment. We usually can ship the same day.

Apparel offers you the most qualified team of specialists in pressing, finishing and fusing. We can provide a complete assessment of your present or future needs, with the objective of reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving quality. Also, we can design pressing and finishing departments layouts for optimal efficiency. Our expertise extends to sizing and layout of boilers, steam installations, and vacuum systems.

We focus on customer service. Our factory-trained technicians service all types of pressing and fusing equipment. We serve the garment, laundry and dry cleaning industries throughout North, Central & South America including the Caribbean. Our main facility is located in Philadelphia, with branches in Florida, Santo Domingo, DR. and Mexico City.