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NMF-230AM Carousel Pants Finisher

Fully automatic carousel jeans finisher with completely enclosed pressing area and recycling of steam and hot air, 10 program touch screen microprocessor, programmable control of waist and leg seam measurements with no stretch and stretch capability, adjustable waist and cuff clamp assemblies

Standard Features
  • Increased finishing efficiency & minimizing the idling time by twin heads carousel operation
  • High temperature steam and air during the pressing cycle are retained in the enclosed cabinet providing a cooler and better working environment in the finishing area
  • 10 different programs can be input by touch panel screen synchronized with micro-computer
  • Angle for waist/cuff clamp can be adjusted so that varied pant designs can fit easily
  • Cuff Clamp starting position can be changed easily for pants or shorts setting depending on sizes
  • Stretch materials can be finished to correct measurements by waist/leg length tension adjustment/programming and special designed waist clamp. Conversely, waistband and leg length measurements can be increased in small increments by programming.
  • Voltage: 220V, 1 phase
  • Motor Output for Hot Air Blowing: .75kW
  • Heater: steam heated type
  • Primary Steam Pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa(4~6kgf/cm²)
  • Working Steam Pressure: 0.4Mpa (4kgf/cm²)
  • Steam Consumption: 50kg / hour
  • Primary Air Pressure: 0.7~1.0Mpa (7~10kgf/cm²)
  • Working Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa (5kgf/cm²)
  • Required Air Compressor: 1600~2200 Liter / hour
  • Compressed Air Compressor: 9.2 Liter / cycle
  • Finishing Capacity: 2000~2400 pcs/hours
  • Size of Pants Waist: 56~133cm [22~52 inches]
  • Size of Pants Length: 32~126cm [12~49 inches]
  • Dimensions: 1485mmx1600mmx2000mm
  • Weight: 430kg