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Inexpensive all steam iron with 2 hoses

Standard Features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra light weight
  • Cool molded urethane handle
  • Plastic cover reduces heat
  • Steam valve heat shield
  • Easy steam volume control
  • No electrical components
  • Includes 2 steam hoses
  • Weight: 2.70lbs (1.25kg)

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Combination mini boiler and steam/electric iron

Standard Features
  • Professional steam generator complete with iron
  • High pressure dry steam
  • Pressure gauge
  • Steam volume control
  • Heats up in minutes
  • Boiler made of stainless steel
  • No water additives needed
  • Low water warning light
  • Lightweight steam/electric iron
  • Thermostat temperature control
  • Easy microswitch operation
  • Electrical: 120v or 220v
  • Boiler: 1000 watts
  • Iron: 800 watts
  • Operating pressure: 36PSI, 2.5 BAR
  • Overall weight: 16.5 lbs, 7.5kg
  • Iron weight: 3.50lbs, 1.6kg
  • Overall dimensions: 13.5Dx10.5Wx9H

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Koenig SF300 Fully Automatic Combination Casual Shirt Body and Sleeve Finisher

Standard Features
  • Automatic vertical height adjustment during loading cycle by photo-cell
  • Uniform finish with no impressions or shine
  • Front plaquet head secures and presses this critical area
  • Automatic pneumatic side expansion to tension and finish side seams
  • Automatic control of steam, steam and air and hot/cold air drying cycle
  • Microprocessor control with 9 programs
  • All pneumatic functions have pressure controls according to fabric
  • Automatic adjustable tension arms to finish long and short sleeves
  • Daily production counter
  • Different size body forms for men, ladies and children
  • Adjustable sholders for different styles
  • Collar clamps for manual unloading
  • Slotted sholders form for automatic unloader
  • Automatic unloader system on hangers
  • Model SF 301 all electric heating for wet shirts available

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Koenig JF100 Sportswear Finisher

A flexible, high production finisher for men's and ladies' sportswear

Standard Features
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest form form a wide size range
  • Automatic pneumatic expansion of flexible hip forms
  • Automatic front and rear clamps engaged as required
  • Automatic vertical height adjustment during loading cycles by photo-cell
  • Automatic programmable vertical tension of the garment during the pressing cycle
  • 9-Program microprocessor controls all automatic functions of the machine in sequence, as required.
Special Features
  • Complete finishing of the garment in one simple operation
  • Uniform finish with no impressions or shine
  • High production
  • Minimal operator skill and training
  • Optional Automatic Unloader
  • Fan motor voltage/amps: 220V, 3-ph; 50/60Hz; 5.3A (W2200)
  • Superheater: 2.4A (W1000)
  • Steam Pressure: 60-70 psi; Bar 4-5
  • Steam consumption: 22-44 lbs/hour, 10-20 kg/hour
  • Air pressure: 80-100 psi; Bar 6-7
  • Dimensions: 46"x43"xH59"( 116cm. x 110cm. x H150cm)
  • Net weight: 350lbs. (160kg)