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Hoffman Presses - Intermediate Pressing

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UA Universal Frame

The Hoffman Universal press demanded by high production, multi-shift garment manufacturers worldwide. Heavy-duty frame construction and cast iron "Y" piece (yoke) provide long-life; allows the widest range of shapes, and incorporates the largest dual cylinder package producing the widest pressure range in the industry. Table-mounted pressure control enables easy, accurate adjustment for fabric type. Specially-designed steam and vacuum chambers provide better heat and steam distribution, faster drying, and perfect finishing.

Typical Specifications
  • Steam Consumption @ 80 PSIG: 30lbs/hr [13.6kg/hr]
  • Max Steam Pressure: 125 PSI [862 K Pa]
  • Max Air Pressure: 80 PSI [552 K Pa]
  • Air Consumption @ 80 PSIG: 0.69ft³ [0.02M³]
  • Vacuum Size: 1-1/4in
  • Vacuum Min Requirement: 0.75 HP
  • Table Length: 56in [1422mm]
  • Weight: 830lbs [376kg]
  • Shipping Weight: 900lbs [407kg]

Special machines for edge and lapel with split head operation (E55) and automatic bottom folding, fusing and creasing (CR100), shoulder pad fusing(SPF) are available.

  • Intermediate pressing forms can be fitted to direct drive or UA Universal press frame, depending upon shape and operation
  • Options include timer or microprocessor controls