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Koenig JF100 Sportswear Finisher

A flexible, high production finisher for men's and ladies' sportswear

Standard Features
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest form form a wide size range
  • Automatic pneumatic expansion of flexible hip forms
  • Automatic front and rear clamps engaged as required
  • Automatic vertical height adjustment during loading cycles by photo-cell
  • Automatic programmable vertical tension of the garment during the pressing cycle
  • 9-Program microprocessor controls all automatic functions of the machine in sequence, as required.
Special Features
  • Complete finishing of the garment in one simple operation
  • Uniform finish with no impressions or shine
  • High production
  • Minimal operator skill and training
  • Optional Automatic Unloader
  • Fan motor voltage/amps: 220V, 3-ph; 50/60Hz; 5.3A (W2200)
  • Superheater: 2.4A (W1000)
  • Steam Pressure: 60-70 psi; Bar 4-5
  • Steam consumption: 22-44 lbs/hour, 10-20 kg/hour
  • Air pressure: 80-100 psi; Bar 6-7
  • Dimensions: 46"x43"xH59"( 116cm. x 110cm. x H150cm)
  • Net weight: 350lbs. (160kg)

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XK-80 Welt Maker

This unique XK-80 can produce 2400 welts per 8-hour day with one unskilled operator.

Standard Features
  • Turns out the perfect welt, both width and length.
  • Welts can be set open or closed.
  • Produces offset corners, thinner sides and no peek through.
  • Produces left and right welts.
  • Patterns can be changed in minutes.
  • Adjustable dwell time control.
  • Adjustable pressure control.
  • Adjustable to 8" (20.32 cm) welt.
  • Automatic counter.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Many safety features.
  • Two heaters for each press plate allows fast temperature recovery.
  • Separate controls for front and rear heating plates.
  • Air jet for dispensing of finished welts.
  • Swing out bottom plate for easy cover change and cleaning.
  • Adjustable vacuum flow.
  • Heat range 260 degrees F to 550 degrees F (128 degrees C to 290 degrees C

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S-200 Automatic Stacker

Stacks up to 12" bundle height and has a standard width of 20 " (50.8 cm). Special widths available upon request.

Standard Features
  • Unloads and stacks automatically fused parts from any straight-through conveyor fusing press, up to 72" (183.0 cm) in width, or converyorized machinery.
  • Accurately stacks parts from 2" to 40" (5.08 cm to 101.60 cm) in length to total bundle height of up to 11" (28.0 cm).
  • Can be custom designed from 2 to 6 lanes.
  • Individual lanes can be made from 12" to 24" (30.5 cm to 61.0 cm) in width.
  • Option to combine two or more lanes for stacking extra wide parts or blocks.
  • Option of double stack feature for small parts (two bundles per lane).
  • Easy bundle removal.
  • Handles virtually all types of fabrics, thicknesses, odd shapes and sizes.
  • Mechanically very simple and requires minimum maintenance.
  • Weight: 545 lbs (247 Kg)
  • 120v single phase
  • 2.75 amps
  • Compressed Air: 80 PSI