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Hoffman Presses - Final Pressing

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DBC-VG Double Buck Shirt Body Press

Standard Features
  • Smooth, positive transfer system ensures buck is in perfect position for loading and unloading.
  • Integral blowers and heat exchanger supply high volume of super heated air to sleeves and permeable side and yoke bags for a quality finish and reduced cycle times.
  • Multiple 10-program microprocessor controls variable body pressing cycle.
  • Proprietary head design gives high, consistent temperature across entire pressing surface for fast and complete drying of the body.
  • Unique SizeWize™ Flat Panel Heated Head & Buck combined with expanding side and yoke bags accommodates teh widest range of sizes. Buck sizes 10" to 23" available
  • Built-in diagnostic system for easy maintenance
  • Automatic Unloading and Conveyor System for increased production. Early release extend timer.
Technical Specifications
  • Electrical: 230/3/60 Hz 21.9 Amps, 380/3/50 Hz 31.1 Amps, 415/3/50 Hz 11.8 Amps
  • Air Consumption@80 PSIG: 0.53Ft³ [0.015 M³]
  • Steam Consumption@100 PSIG: 84 Lb/Hr [38 Kg/Hr]
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 35"x90"x59" [896mmx2286mmx1489mm]
  • Machine Weight: 1876 Lb [851 Kg]
  • Shipping Weight: 2405 Lb [1091 Kg]

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SBC-BVG Single Buck Combination Shirt Body and Sleeve Press (with optional sleeve placket pressing plates)

A single-buck version for lower production volumes and includes all of the same industry notable features of the DBR-BVG

Standard Features
  • Unique Size Wise™ interchangeable bucks to accommodate all body sizes and styles
  • Pressing front, side, back and sleeves simultaneously.
  • Shirt holding vacuum and heated air blowing system built into the machine.
  • All that is required is a standard 3-phase electrical connection, steam and air.
Technical Specifications
  • Electrical: 230/3/60 Hz 38 Amps, 380/3/50 Hz 24 Amps, 415/3/50 Hz 21.5 Amps
  • Air Consumption@80 PSIG: 0.53Ft³ [0.015 M³]
  • Steam Consumption@100 PSIG: 86 Lb/Hr [38 Kg/Hr]
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 37"x95"x66" [940mmx2410mmx1686mm]
  • Machine Weight: 2605 Lb [1182 Kg]
  • Shipping Weight: 3130 Lb [1420 Kg]

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ALC-8 Collar and Cuff Press

Standard Features
  • Finishes collar and cuffs in one operation.
  • Specially designed head steam chamber gives consistent, high temperature for faster, quality finish (up to 26% less time). Only one collar cuff needed in double buck station.
  • Separate closing 2-1/2" and 8" high pressure aluminum cylinders for fast operation and highest quality finish.
  • Extermely quiet, smooth fast operation
  • Ergonomic soft touch operating buttons for operator comfort.
  • Wide head opening for easy layup.
  • Special nickel chrome plated head for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Innovative, easily removable pneumatic circuit module for ease of maintenance.
  • Metal insulated head cover.
  • Spray gun and condenser.
  • Digital release timer.
Technical Specifications
  • Electrical: 110/1/60 Hz 0.5 Amps, 230/1/60 Hz 0.5 Amps
  • Air Consumption@80 PSIG: 1.04Ft³ [0.035 M³]
  • Steam Consumption@100 PSIG: 34 Lb/Hr [15.4 Kg/Hr]
  • Vacuum Size: 1-1/4" (opt)
  • Min Vacuum Requirement: 0.75 Hp (opt)
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 48"x41"x49" [1219mmx1049mmx1252mm]
  • Machine Weight: 770 Lb [348 Kg]
  • Shipping Weight: 820 Lb [371 Kg]

Optional Equipment for DBR-BVG and DBC-VG

Automatic unloader and conveyor system

Method of Pressing Operation

  1. All shirt collars and cuffs are finished on the ALC-8 Collar/Cuff press first.
  2. The operator loads the body form and in the case of the DBR-BVG or SBC-BVG sets the sleeve in the sleeve holders. The machine is activated and the microprocessor controls all functions. (The DBC-VG requires an extra operation – and labor – of sleeve pressing on a CSL Sleever prior to loading the body press.)
  3. The Hoffman Automated Unload and Transport System incorporates a robotic unloader which aligns itself to the shirt during the pressing process. Once the cycle is completed the unloader lifts the shirt off the buck and deposits it on a transfer frame on the transport conveyor. The unloader returns to the home position during the next pressing cycle and aligns itself for the next shirt.

    The expandable Transport Conveyor System is used for buttoning, collar striping and preparation for folding. After the preparation, the conveyor moves the shirts to the folding stations where they are either folded, or for GOH a hanger is inserted, after which the garment then goes to a central bagging area.