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FX-42SC (manual press) or BC-42SC (air press)

Completely self contained 42" utility press with standard 12 KW electric boiler, vacuum pump, sleeve board, steam/electric iron and low boy all mounted and connected on a common base

  • Compact, space saving
  • No external steam or vacuum
  • Cool working environment
  • Simple, low cost installation
  • ASME, UL certified
  • Maximum Steam Pressure: 90 PSIG [621 K Pa]
  • Maximum Air Pressure for BC: 80 PSIG [552 K Pa]
  • Air Consumption for BC: 0.69 F³ [0.02M³]
  • Vacuum Requirement (Min): 0.75 HP
  • Dimensions 75"x48"x58"
  • Weight: 1,275 lb [577 kg]
  • Shipping Weight: 1,325 lb [600 kg]
  • 18 to 36 KW boiler can be incorporated to run additional equipment
  • Spray gun and condenser